About Us

We are parents, we are teachers

Our language teaching journey began in Taiwan, where the established curriculum is focused on rote memorization of dated textbook materials.
Students were bored and lacked an inspiring learning environment. We needed to bring the joy of English into our classrooms in a way that -
ignited motivation, curiosity, confidence, and critical thinking. We decided to open our own school to help young learners in a way that was -
innovative, creative, engaging and that fostered a love for learning languages – and it worked!

We have been creating original learning games and innovating in education technology for over 20 years. We are proud to create, write, and design everything in-house from our lovable animated characters, the development of our family of apps to every song, and each piece of music.
Our curriculum along with our innovative educational technology not only empowers teachers and parents but inspires millions of children around the globe on their language learning journey.